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GribouJazz II - Du Jazz à fabriquer soi-même - Jeune public (5 - 10 ans)

After touring 6 seasons with its first show, GribouJazz is back with the same challenge: to give youngsters a taste for jazz. The basis and originality of our approach remains the same: to illustrate all the different elements and aspects of jazz in a pictorial way, with the projection of video animations, which makes things more accessible to children (and more entertaining).
This second part was conceived as a sequel to our first show. It is therefore aimed at slightly older children (5-10y).

Interaction is the foundation of the show "Du Jazz à fabriquer soi-même", which is based on 2 major concepts:

What are the various elements you combine to make a piece? What are the roles of the various instruments in creating these various elements? The audience will compose their own piece using all the ingredients presented to them.

In jazz, everyone improvises! But in different ways, depending on the musical role each musician plays (rhythm, harmonic support, melody, etc.). This time, the audience will direct the quartet's improvisation and become the orchestra conductor for a few minutes!

Griboujazz - Educational File Griboujazz II- Educational File

Thomas Champagne - sax tenor / Guillaume Vierset - guitare / Nicholas Yates - contrebasse / Fabio Zamagni - batterie / Renato Baccarat et Christophe Vanderborght – illustrations et animations